New Little Dragon track from their upcoming album “Nabuma RubberBand”!

Let Go" is an electronic R&B song which features singer Yukimi Nagano’s delicate vocals as well as their vintage synthesizer sound. It starts off slow but as they break into the chorus we’re flooded with some beautiful pop melodies. 

The Rocker Thin Lizzy The Rocker

Here’s a classic Rock n Roll track from one of the earliest Heavy Metal bands… Thin Lizzy. They really helped forge that big, arena-style, rollicking Heavy Metal. Fitting that they have a tune like this one, “The Rocker”.

Phil Lynott, bass player and singer, assumes the attitude-filled character with ease as he sings:

I said “Hey baby, meet me I’m a tough guy”
Got my cycle outside, you wanna try?
She just looked at me and rolled them big eyes

And said “Ooh I’d do anything for you ‘cause you’re a rocker” 

Endors Toi Tame Impala Live Versions

Tame Impala, Australia’s great psych-rock band, released this live record for Record Store Day in order to showcase their live show, which usually includes some deviations from the album versions of their tunes.

If you’ve seen them live recently then you can attest to how engaging the tunes are when played to a crowd. While singer Kevin Parker includes every nuance of the show hear (Including his own cracking voice), you still can’t help but want to just be at the show rather than listening to a recording of it. So, nothing new going down on this release, just a capturing of a portion of their live show for the fans.

Don't Be a Stranger The Rolling Stones Some Girls [Deluxe Edition]

The “Some Girls" Deluxe edition Disc 2 is filled with studio outtakes from their recording session, and is some of the bluesiest stuff the Stones had done in sometime. It captures some incredible stuff, with this tune, “Don’t Be a Stranger”, being one of my favorites. 

Drummer Charlie Watts drops his sticks and plays the drumset like bongos for a different sound that works so well with the harmonica and guitar lines. Keith Richards once again proves why he’s the most underrated Blues guitarist in Rock n Roll… his guitar is very tasteful and right on point with the kind of Blues sound they’re going for. Also, the bridge features a genius change up that is orchestrated by Richard’s acoustic strums of guitar. The Stones were so damn good at crafting Rock n Roll songs.

Warranted Queen Arum Rae Warranted Queen

Arum Rae has finely tuned her sound on her newest EP, entitled “Warranted Queen”. She most recently shed her personality in the Austin band White Dress in favor of making a career in New York. In my opinion she has always had a voice that was worth people discovering her. It’s a mystery as to why some singers are relatively obscure to the mainstream when their talents are obviously on that level.

The new single, which is the title track “Warranted Queen”, proves that not only does Arum Rae have the talent for wooing you with her voice, she also grasps that evasive skill of being able to craft rich songs as well. When these two talents combine is when the magic happens. “Warranted Queen" benefits greatly from her knack for writing pop songs and the production work, done by New York based Sanford Livingston, is top notch. The music is sparse but tasteful, and when Arum sings into the chorus… you realize we have a star forming on our hands.

Arum Rae’s new EP can be found at her website, Http:// It comes out TOMORROW April 20th. Be sure to check it out for more great tunes from this amazing singer.

Self Tanner Tobacco Ultima II Massage

Tobacco is the musical project of Black Moth Super Rainbow Frontman Thomas Fec. It’s his outlet for more tape machine psych-freak out stuff. Whereas BMSR airs on the side of more pop friendly weirdness, Tobacco indulges in the stranger and crazier side of Fec. It makes for some jarring and insane electronic music.

There is still an aspect to it that is super creative and catchy. It’s not one you want to put on too often, but it’s an experience when you do listen all the way through. 

HOLY SHIT. Austin based funk band Brownout amazed concert goers all the way back in September at a small club in Austin with their take on Black Sabbath (dubbed Brown Sabbath). The results were so awesome that they had to go into the studio and record some of it. Here is one of the fruits of their labor: “Hand Of Doom”. 

And if that wasn’t enough, they enlisted The Black Angel’s frontman Alex Maas to sing the vocals on their funked out take on some classic heavy metal. Head here to pre-order the record:

Bye Bye Queenie Denney and The Jets Mexican Coke

Nashville band Denney and the Jets have won me over with their newest album “Mexican Coke”. From the very start this record is great. In the same vein as the newest Natural Child album (another country band from Nashville), these guys bring it like some vintage Rolling Stones cuts. They have that same Mick Jagger swagger as well as the dirty guitar and keyboards laying down a blues groove. All in all this record is a blast… great to get some vintage Rock n Roll from an up and coming band.

Mum's the Word Chain & the Gang Minimum Rock N Roll

Chain and the Gang have a new record coming out in early May. It’s entitled pretty appropriately, “Minimum Rock N Roll”. And That’s exactly what this record is.

The whole record is a fun listen, never straying from the simple garage rock assault. Lead singer/songwriter Ian Svenonius brings a lot of character to the lead vocal role as well, creating a care-free atmosphere that’s easy to get lost in and forget that you’ve listened to the entire album. I highly recommend this record for any enthusiast for newer garage rock.

New Black Keys single! It’s the Title track to their upcoming album “Turn Blue”.

It’s a slow soul jam that’s probably meant to be played super late at night. Not the most dynamic song from them, but I like the way it’s going.

Put Some Reverb On My Brother Thee Oh Sees Drop

We’re less than a week away from Record Store Day. San Fran garage-psych band Thee Oh Sees will be releasing a brand new record on this day, just after they announced late last year that they were taking a break. Well a break in Thee Oh Sees world is a couple of months. 

Here’s another track from the upcoming record. “Put Some Reverb on My Brother" features some heavily syncopated drums, and the actual production sound on the kit sounds great. It’s not what I’m used to with Thee Oh Sees, but I think this studio gloss does nice things for them. Be sure to grab this on the 19th when it is released!

Now Here In Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else

I was pretty hesitant to listen to this new record from the Cleveland Rock band Cloud Nothings… I didn’t particularily like their previous album, as it landed a little too much on the pop punk side of the vocal spectrum. This new album is much improved though. The vocals are scaled back some and fit in a little better, and the actual music is much more aggressive… It reminds me more of Japandroids’ style.

Now Here In" opens up the record and sets the tone. Fast drums and ripping guitars. It’s hard to deny the power of solid rock such as this. 

Tired Eyes The Black Angels Clear Lake Forest

We heard the single “Diamond Eyes" from Austin’s Black Angels a few weeks ago, now we get another taste of their new Record Store Day EP with “Tired Eyes”.

The trippy psychedelic rock this band is known for is in full effect here. Their sound is getting more and more lush as their career keeps going, and this EP shows us a glimpse at whats to come in the future for the Angels. I really, really like what it seems to bring. More epic walls of psychedelic rock that summons up the spirit of the 60s without sounding stale. Love this band.