Repeat Pleasure How To Dress Well What Is This Heart?

This is a song off the new How To Dress Well record “What Is This Heart?"… and it’s pretty obvious from the beginning that Tom Krell, the main creator of this musical project, likes that 80s pop sound we’re all so familiar with. I’m not terribly in love with that polished, slick sound, but I’ll give it a listen after hearing a lot of people praise this record. It reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson’s later 80s sound, which taken in small doses you can get something out of it. I can’t see myself listening to this record too much but for those times when it’s appropriate it hits the spot.

Spoon has a new album coming out in August titled “They Want My Soul”. This right here is the second single from the record, and I’m digging it. “Inside Out" debuted yesterday with this tripping video featuring a lot of faces melting and other visual effects. The sound is pretty trademark spoon, with staccato piano lines and Brit Daniel’s rough, scratchy vocals singing some melodic hooks. There is a bit of an experimental edge to it, though, with the echo added to the weird guitar (?) sound throughout the tune. 

Eleven Primus Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Tim Alexander, the talented drummer for Primus, recently suffered a heart attack. Today is going through open heart surgery according to a note that his family released:

Some time during the hours of 7:30 am to 12:30 pm (pacific time) tomorrow, July 21st, Tim’s heart will be stopped for his open heart surgery. The heart is like a drum and we need to help keep it going, so during this time we ask you to please help carry that beat. Whether it be drums, percussion or even in your head, we would like to start a global drum circle to send positive, healing energy to Tim. Any and all prayer, healing words and thoughts at this time would also be greatly appreciated. Follow and send any caring, healing words to ‪#‎carrythebeat‬ on Twitter (@TimAlexander or @Primus). Thank you.

So vibes to the Alexander family. And here’s a tune from the great Primus album “Sailing the Seas of Cheese" that Tim does incredible work on.

Adult Diversion Alvvays Alvvays

There’s been lots of buzz about this debut record from Toronto band Alvvays. It’s some pretty inoffensive dream pop, which isn’t really a bad thing, just not something that really stands out too much for me. Maybe this record will sink in a little more for me after a few listens, though. This song, “Adult Diversion”, kicks off the record and is a pretty accurate representation of the sound on the record as a whole.

Rillo Talk Wild Child The Runaround

This late 2013 release from Austin, Texas' Wild Child is an album that snuck up on me recently. There are some quality tunes on this record, one of my favorite’s being this one featured, “Rillo Talk”. It’s got a simple drum beat with accent from the ukulele and some tasteful sounding strings, but the star of the song is singer Kelsey Wilson. She’s got plenty of range that she shows off here. Check out this great Austin band live if you want to see an impressive musical performance, as they incorporate all kinds of different instruments into their show.

Incinerate Sonic Youth Rather Ripped

Hard to believe this record came out in 2006… seems like not too long ago I was seeing Sonic Youth rip through this catalog of tunes as well as some of the incredible Daydream Nation songs in Marfa, TX for their free show at the Chinati Foundation.

As Thurston Moore said of that show, “It was “Guitarded”. They’ve since gone on an indefinite hiatus since Thurston and Kim split… so listening to this record is the only thing to really tide us all over if you’re craving some Sonic Youth Rock n Roll. 

Don't Cry No Tears Neil Young Zuma

Always good to go back to old classics like this Neil Young record, “Zuma”. One of my favorite tunes of his is the opening to this album, “Don’t Cry No Tears”. The guitar riff combined with Crazy Horse’s driving rhythm makes for one of his best songs.

Neil’s been in the news a lot recently, with his new PONO audio system and some recent smaller news stories… I’m always in the mood to throw on some of his legendary albums from the 70s on. 

Blonde Redhead, the Brooklyn shoegaze band, have a new album coming out and I’m pretty damn excited about it. While I didn’t gravitate towards their most recent record “Penny Sparkle”, their 2007 record “23" is among my favorites of that decade. The new record is entitled "Barragan" and they just released this new single "Dri-pping”. I like the sound of this one, it’s got a stripped down groove and a little more electronic edge to it than their usual wash of guitars. Can’t wait til this one comes out.

Cathy's Clown Everly Brothers Cathy's Clown 7" single

Hard to beat the glorious harmonies from the Everly Brothers. Here’s a one of their best tunes, “Cathy’s Clown”. Enjoy.

Space Spirits Eastern Hollows Eastern Hollows

Just hearing this new album from Brooklyn psych/shoegaze band Eastern Hollows and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. It’s some of the most melodic shoegaze music I’ve heard in a while, with real mellow interludes in their songs which are filled with the typical spacey guitars and drowned out vocals you are used to hearing from bands like this. “Space Spirits" starts off the album with a slow moving groove that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Check out this album for some great new music.

Dream Salts The Baudelaires Be a Baudelaire!

This debut EP from the Australian psych-pop band The Baudelaires is a recent discovery that I’ve been enjoying quite a lot. It’s a dreamy mix of reverbed guitars and ethereal vocals, but also has some pop elements to it that really tie it all together. “Dream Salts" is a beautiful tune that opens up the EP, with a slow introduction of their two guitar approach that soon opens up into a psychedelic pop tune that sounds like this Melbourne band would have fit in perfect in San Francisco in the 60s. Check out this new band’s EP if you dig this sound.

Nice, new Budos Band tune! The Brooklyn funk band just announced that they have a new album coming out later in 2014, entitled ” Burnt Offering" and they had this tune, "The Sticks" to share. It doesn’t have quite the punch of earlier Budos Band tunes, and sounds a bit raw, but it ends with some brilliant horn arrangements. Enough to get me pumped for the new album to come out. 

From my friends over at Indie Shuffle :

Holy mother of good summer vibes! Saint Pepsi’s single “Fiona Coyne” is an absolute treat to the eardrums. Not since hearing Darwin Deez for the first time have I enjoyed a track in this genre as much.

The song, inspired by a character fromDegrassi, comes as the A-side off his upcoming release via Carpark Records. We’ll be keeping our ears perked for the emergence of “Fall Harder,” the second single of the lot.

In the meanwhile, get your pre-order here.

The Oklahoma psychedelic rock band Stardeath and White Dwarfs continue to put some of the most experimental rock music today… and their upcoming album seems to be no exception as is seen in this video for the single off the new album, “Birds of War”. It’s shot in a live setting, with their stage lights providing a trance inducting light show. Be sure to check these guys out when they head out on tour as they’re one of the better live acts around.